Residential / Home Internet Services

Full Stream, through our reseller network, offers a variety of wireless residential services. Most services use our state-of-the-art WiMAX network to provide broadband speeds, without the need for a cable or telephone technician to visit your house. We also offer roof-top installations, and high speed microwave links for customers in more remote areas, or who need faster connections.

It is our mission to bring broadband to the areas other technologies can't reach, and to provide excellent, local service.

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WiMAX Home Service

Utilizing our state-of-the-art 4G WiMAX network, Full Stream can connect your home to the Internet with speeds rivalling wired service. WiMAX is the best choice for regular Internet-using families.

BRONZE service Up to 1.5 Mbit/s down, and 768 kbit/s up. This is the most inexpensive option, and is ideal for the light Internet user who likes to check their email, view Facebook, chat with friends/family, and watch the occasional video - without incurring a large monthly bill.
SILVER service Up to 3 Mbit/s down, and 1 Mbit/s up. This is good for the non-power user who just wants Internet that works to watch a few videos, stream music, chat with friends, and surf the web.
GOLD service Up to 6 Mbit/s down, and 3 Mbit/s up. This is good for a small family, heavy Netflix users, casual gamers, and other moderate-to-heavy users.
PLATINUM service Up to 15 Mbit/s down, and 3 Mbit/s up. This is the plan for the power-user, gamer, video lover, or Internet professional.
Pay-As-You-Go service The best speed available in your area (typically 10-15 Mbit/s down, 3 Mbit/s up), billed based on your usage. This is the best plan if you expect to periodically need high speeds, but don't always need them - you simply pay for what you need, when you need it. Our pay-as-you-go prices beat all the other wireless providers, so this is still far less expensive than a hotspot from a cellphone company.

Home Premium Service

NEW! With our high-end Microwave connectivity, Full Stream can connect your home to the Internet with exceptional speed. Ideal for serious gamers, large families, or people who work from home.

Premium ACCESS Up to 5 Mbit/s down, 1 Mbit/s up. Exceptionally low latency. Ideal for serious gamers on a budget.
Premium CONNECT Up to 10 Mbit/s down, 2 Mbit/s up. Exceptionally low latency. Ideal for serious gamers, larger families, and those who work from home.
Home Premium Up to 15 Mbit/s down, 3 Mbit/s up. Exceptionally low latency. Ideal for heavy gamers, large families, shared residences, and those who demand only the best.

We are rapidly expanding our Premium network, but it is currently only available in a limited service area.

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